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  • Ornella Sanfilippo

    Ornella Sanfilippo

  • Codey Albers

    Codey Albers

    Freelance UI/UX designer writing about improving your design skills and launching your freelance design career.

  • Derek Mulch

    Derek Mulch

    A writer of things, health enthusiast, minimalist(ish), and immortalist. IG: @derek.mulch

  • Mike Curtis

    Mike Curtis

    (aka Uncle Mikey) How do others experience you? I help amplify people and products through human-centered design. 20+ years in design, e-com, sales, and UX.

  • Joshua Gad

    Joshua Gad

    Game Designer with a Bachelor of Science. I talk about techno life and design ethics while I make games.

  • Yaron Cohen

    Yaron Cohen

    UX researcher at RBC, OMCP certified. Likes making music, staying active, culture, and writing. www.yaroncohen.com

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