UX case study: bilingual mobile website for health literacy


The novelas are available in Spanish and distributed locally at clinics and community events.

Problem Statement


  • mobile-first design pattern;
  • fully bilingual site design and UI elements;
  • integrated audio narration built into UI, for accessibility to low-literacy users

Process: User Research

Demographic research: Pew Research Center, Nielsen Norman Group, academic articles

Process: Concepting and Visual Design

  1. Bilingual content — This would allow users of English or Spanish to access the site. It would also potentially afford Spanish-speakers an opportunity to practice their English.
  2. Audio narration of text — This would increase accessibility to low literacy users and, I hypothesized, increase user engagement.
The layout of UI elements and the navigation menu items changed after early testing of low fidelity prototypes

Process: Prototyping and Testing

A tangled web in Adobe XD of interactions and transitions

Usability Testing: Considerations

Usability testing session with highlighted transcript visible
  • Remote moderated testing (due to COVID)
  • Bilingual test design
  • Transcription of testing sessions
  • Scheduling sessions using Calendly

Outcome: Final Design

A gif animation demonstrates the language settings feature.
The tabs at the top allow the user to toggle between English and Spanish language content.

Next steps

  • buttons for sharing to social media;
  • an ability to add comments;
  • a calendar of community events,
  • a searchable database of local organizations and resources (The RWHP already maintains localized ‘guias’ for different counties so this would be a great integration)

What did I learn?

Final words

Freshly minted User Researcher and Designer finding my footing after a career in K-12 education

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Drew Long

Drew Long

Freshly minted User Researcher and Designer finding my footing after a career in K-12 education

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